Our tips – October


Chez René was founded in 1957 by Adrienne and René CINQUIN, originally from Emeringes in the Beaujolais region. On the border between the Lyonnais bouchon and the Parisian bistro, a traditional gourmet address that has become a must in the Latin Quarter.

Our favourite dishes: minute beef tartare and boeuf bourguignon

Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday for lunch and dinner, Friday and Sunday for lunch only. Closed on Mondays.


Parisian art-deco brasserie since 1913. Cuisine prepared daily using fresh produce. Seafood, sauerkraut and fish specialities. Traditional French cuisine.

Our favorite dishes: Andouillette with mustard sauce and pan-fried entrecôte with button mushrooms.

Open 7 days a week from midday to 11.30pm without interruption.


With the majestic nave of the Gare de Lyon, Le Train Bleu brings the Belle Epoque of sumptuous rail travel back to fine palates. This restaurant was built in 1900 for the Universal Exhibition to dazzle the 50 million visitors. Fashionable architect Marius Toudoire was commissioned to create the frescoes, along with 27 renowned painters. High society and top artists soon flocked here: Alain Delon, Brigitte Bardot, Coco Chanel, Salvador Dali…

Worth seeing: the old counter with its cash register and the ornamental frescoes.

Our favorite dishes: leg of lamb, baba bouchon and crêpe Suzette.

Open daily for lunch and dinner


Located in the Sentier district of Paris, La Jaja is a tiny 15 m2 bar where regulars, locals and gangs of friends gather. Ceiling moldings, a fireplace and a large mirror add a touch of cachet to this sumptuous setting, where chatter goes on and on. At La Jaja, the price of consos is not exorbitant, and they are often drunk standing at the corner of a table in the small pedestrian street.

Our favorites: Pugliese burrata and shepherd’s pie

Open every evening except Monday


Daroco is an Italian trattoria offering refined cuisine. From pasta made on site to the best pizza in Paris by chef Federico Schiavon, maestro of classic trattoria dishes. Wash it down with a glass of Italian wine, a cocktail by Nico de Soto or a craft beer sipped against a backdrop of lively playlists by the Spectre collective.

Our favourites: FORMAGGISSIMA pizza and real Tiramisu

Open daily for lunch and dinner at both addresses.




Visits & outings

Created in 1996, Astier de Villatte has many facets:

  • The only ceramics workshop of its kind in Paris, this workshop revives and modernizes the tradition of 18th-century Parisian factories, bringing the art of stamping up to date.
  • A letterpress printing plant on the outskirts of Paris, the last in France (and one of the last in the world) to print books with lead.
  • A publishing house, with three first publications, the atypical guide Ma Vie à Paris, the art book Drawings with multi-talented artist Lou Doillon, and now the new edition of Balthus’s Mitsou.
  • A perfume creation workshop where, in collaboration with exceptional noses, eaux de cologne, skincare products, incense, gums and a whole collection of scented candles are invented on the theme of an olfactory world tour.


A designer inspired by the elements of nature, James Heeley’s spontaneous, organic approach gradually led him to the world of fragrance. It was in France, through his creative work, that the young Englishman discovered the way perfumes are composed and their codes.

One of his first fragrances, Menthe Fraîche (2006), is an exercise in style: from an apparently simple yet difficult-to-interpret ingredient, mint becomes contemporary, elegant and easy to wear. With time and experience, delicate, fresh scents have been joined by more intense constructions such as Cardinal and Esprit du Tigre, as well as olfactory landscapes like Sel Marin and Hippie Rose, right up to the latest Extraits de Parfum collection.


Tsé & Tsé associés is a French design house which, since its launch in 1991, has remained one of the few independent design companies. It was founded by two Parisian designers, Sigolène Prébois and Catherine Lévy. Prototypes are made in their Bastille workshop in Paris, where certain parts are adapted to specific customer requirements. Every item requires a search for quality manufacturers. The choice of noble materials emphasizes craftsmanship, quality and durability. As a result, lamps, tableware and furniture are produced in small batches, sometimes individually, and rarely in quantities exceeding 1,000 pieces per year. No two pieces are exactly alike, and these differences are a sign of the originality of Tsé & Tsé products.


Capsule of eco-friendly shoes and bags made from recycled and overcycled materials.

We are proud to present Pierre Hardy’s “Planet” collection, a range of iconic products manufactured with sustainability in mind. Our commitment to ethical practices and the environment has led us to rethink every detail and every step of the creative process, ensuring that every product in this collection embodies our values.

Pierre Hardy’s design studio has adopted a unique approach to sustainability. We have teamed up with our historical suppliers and manufacturers to recycle the House’s leather stocks, recycle with regenerated nylon and select vegetable-tanned leather. Every part and material, including the lining, outsoles, laces, straps, etc., has been chosen with care and consideration for the environment.


Ofr. bookshop is so open to the world that it spills out onto the sidewalk. On Rue Dupetit-Thouars, the books spread out on the tables on either side of the entrance give an idea of what awaits customers behind the window: ultra-fashion magazines, hyper-focused design magazines, English, American, Italian, Korean, Brazilian and other lifestyle publications.

Renowned as “the coolest bookshop in Paris”, Ofr. is unique in that it federates a community of loyal followers from far and wide, as well as fans who can be found on site or on Instagram (46.2K followers).

Every fashion week proves the point: the Marais address, opened in 2007, attracts influencers and fashionistas from all over the world, eager to feed off the best source to expand their image bank and broaden their ideas.


The month’s highlights in Paris

☕️ International Coffee Day (01/10)
🐾 International Animal Day (04/10)

👟 Paris Marathon (08/10)

🌙 La Nuit Blanche, Paris (10/19) – free events all night long

🥂 International Champagne Day (10/28)
❄️ Changeover to winter time (29/10)
🎃 Halloween (10/31)