Our good plans – January


Nestled in the streets of the Marais lies a compact and cozy restaurant, renowned for the punch it packs into its dishes! Trois Fois Plus de Piment offers a variety of noodle and dumpling dishes, having won the 2016 Fooding prize for “Best Noodles”. It offers its customers a convivial ambiance and the perfect space to discover the spices of the Sichaun region.

You can choose the degree of spice from a level of 0.5, all the way to 5 – perfect for warding off the winter cold. But be warned: level 5 is only for the brave of heart!



For a slightly finer dining experience, you can find Maria Belza on the banks of the Canal Saint Martin, offering customers the chance to experience Biarritz right in the heart of Paris! It’s warm lighting and thoughtful decoration provide a pleasant atmosphere in which to enjoy a delicious meal. A children’s menu is not provided, so it is perhaps not the friendliest for families, but a great choice for solo-dining or a romantic dinner.



Do you love Korean food and brunch? Why make a choice when you can have both? Discover Keopi, a two-storey Korean restaurant located in Passage Verdeau in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.


Keopi has two spacious levels, with the first floor mainly open at weekends and suitable for large groups. Make your way to one of the most charming passages in Paris and settle into this new gourmet spot from 10am to 7pm.



Enjoy a friendly atmosphere and creative cuisine prepared by chefs Pietro and Emanuele, divided between the ground and ground floors.

The menu highlights the authenticity of Italian cuisine with a wide selection of homemade pizzas, baked in the oven and with a soft crust. Pasta lovers will love the generous and hearty recipes.





Visits & outings


If you’re looking for a touch of magic and fantasy in your daily routine, head to the 12th arrondissement, near Bercy Village. You’ll discover an extraordinary museum that transports you into the playful world of the fairground.


Welcome to the Musée des Arts Forains – Pavillon de Bercy, a private, immersive and truly unique museum! You can visit this unusual museum all year round, but be sure to book your guided tour in advance.



  • If you’re looking for the quickest way to blend in with the locals, look no further! Olivier Giraud’s comedy show (which is 100% in English) is the perfect way to pick up on the tips and tricks of the trade, whilst having a few laughs in the process – designed for Parisians and tourists alike, get your tickets now at the link above!



This exhibition at the Musée de l’Orangerie has been curated to focus on the relationship between celebrated artist Amedeo Modigliani and his art dealer, Paul Guillaume, concentrating on the effect that Guillaume had on the artist’s work. The exhibition features portraits of important Parisian figures from the period, models still unknown, and sets of portraits of the women who lived life with the painter. This exhibition only runs until the 15th of January, but there is still plenty to be enjoyed at the Musée de l’Orangerie after it ends!



In 2018, Culturespaces transformed an old foundry dating back to 1835 into a digital art center. The Atelier des Lumières offers digital, immersive, and contemporary exhibitions. It’s a place where visitors, both young and old, can have an exceptional experience, explore infinite worlds, and be carried away into the heart of art.