10 good reasons to stay in an aparthotel in Paris

Paris is a beautiful, cosmopolitan city that attracts millions of visitors every year.


When planning your stay in the City of Light, it’s important to find accommodation that meets both your comfort and convenience needs. That’s where an aparthotel comes in. Aparthotels offer an attractive alternative to traditional hotels, providing travelers with a unique and enjoyable experience. Edgar Suites, a new generation of aparthotel, offers tastefully decorated Urban Suites located in the heart of the city for a happy, urban and committed stay.

In this article, we present 10 good reasons to choose an aparthotel for your stay in Paris.


  1. **Space and comfort** :

fitted kitchen with large dining table

Aparthotels offer more space than traditional hotel rooms, with separate living areas, fully equipped kitchens and modern amenities. You can enjoy the privacy and comfort of a real home from home during your stay in Paris.

At Edgar Suites, all our Urban Suites feature fully-equipped kitchens (Nespresso machine, microwave, fridge, dishwasher…), comfortable bedding worthy of a 5* hotel and spacious living areas with unique, architect-designed decor.


  1. **Flexibility** :

double urban suites with desk, decorated in wood and blue.

With an aparthotel, you’re free to create your own schedule. You can cook meals at your convenience, work or relax in a dedicated space, and enjoy greater flexibility in organizing your days. Most Edgar Suites apartments come with desks and high-speed wi-fi so you can work with complete peace of mind!


  1. **Economic** :

remarkable stayAparthotels often offer better value than traditional hotels, especially for longer stays. You can save on catering costs by preparing your meals in your own kitchen.

In fact, at Edgar Suites, the longer you stay, the more you save on your stay:

  • 10% discount from 7 nights
  • 15% discount from 14 nights
  • 20% discount from 30 nights


  1. **Additional services** :

Many aparthotels offer services such as regular housekeeping, laundry and 24-hour reception. You can take advantage of these amenities to make your stay more convenient and enjoyable.

In our residences, washing machines, laundry detergents and tumble dryers are available in our guest laundry rooms. What’s more, we have a hyper-reactive 24/7 digital reception to answer all your questions. And you’ll have a dedicated Flat Manager to check you in and out.



  1. **Ideal location** :

Aparthotels in Paris are generally located in central districts, giving you easy access to major attractions, restaurants, stores and public transport. You can live in the heart of the city and take full advantage of everything Paris has to offer. This is true of all our Urban Suites, which are located in the heart of the city, less than 5 minutes from public transport, so you can get around easily and explore the city!


  1. **Suitable for families** :

Aparthotels are perfect for traveling families, offering more space for children, a kitchen for preparing meals and the chance to feel right at home. This facilitates family stays and allows everyone to enjoy a space adapted to their needs.

We have large family apartments with several bedrooms and bathrooms, ideal for families or groups of friends or colleagues!

Here is our selection of large family-friendly apartments:

  • Residence Louvre – Jour
    • Jour 1 : 3 rooms – 6 people
    • Jour 101 : 3 rooms – 6 people
    • Jour 303 : 3 bedrooms (1 with two single beds) – sleeps 6
  • Residence Saint-Lazare – Amsterdam
    • Amsterdam 1 : 3 bedrooms (1 with bunk bed for child) + sofa bed – sleeps 7
    • Amsterdam 31 : 3 bedrooms (1 with bunk bed for child) + sofa bed – sleeps 7


  1. **Living like a local** :

Photo devanture d'une boulangerie.

By staying in an aparthotel, you can immerse yourself in local Parisian life. Shop at nearby markets, discover local cafés and restaurants and feel the authenticity of Parisian life.

Discover Edgar’s monthly tips here.



  1. **Privacy** :

Aparthotels offer extra privacy compared to traditional hotel rooms. You can enjoy your own space.


  1. **Autonomy** :

By opting for an aparthotel in Paris, you benefit from greater autonomy. You can manage your time as you see fit, without worrying about the constraints of hotel schedules. You can come and go as you please, without having to comply with strict rules.


  1. **An authentic experience**:

By choosing an aparthotel, you have the opportunity to enjoy a more authentic experience in Paris. You’ll be surrounded by local residents, discover less touristy neighborhoods and feel more connected to Parisian culture and life. You’ll feel like an integral part of the city, rather than just a tourist.

Discover our ideas for unique Paris experiences off the beaten track and less touristy to live like a local! Be part of the city.




In short, choosing an aparthotel like Edgar Suites to stay in Paris has many advantages. You’ll enjoy comfortable space, flexibility, value for money and extra services. You’ll be able to live like a local, enjoy greater autonomy and have an authentic experience of the city. Whether you’re traveling with the family, on business or for pleasure, an aparthotel in Paris will be an ideal option to make your stay memorable and enjoyable. Don’t miss the chance to discover Paris in a unique way by opting for one of our Edgar Suites residences.