A walk or bike ride: the Coulée Verte from Fontenay-aux-roses to Antony

For an authentic experience rich in discovery, escape the hustle and bustle of the city center and explore the hidden charms of the Paris suburbs.

An exceptional way to do this is to follow the Coulée Verte, a former railroad line transformed into a green oasis, stretching 10km from Fontenay-aux-Roses to Antony.

Coulée Verte: History, Nature and Art

The Coulée Verte, also known as the “Promenade de la Bièvre”, is an innovative example of the reuse of abandoned railway infrastructure as a green space. It links the suburbs of Fontenay-aux-Roses and Antony, offering a picturesque route for walkers and cyclists.

Discover this Green Paradise

The Coulée Verte is a veritable urban oasis, surrounded by greenery, majestic trees, flowering meadows and peaceful streams. The route is dotted with open-air artworks, creating a captivating cultural atmosphere along the way. Follow the old railroad line of the Petite Ceinture for a unique historical experience. The park also offers children’s play areas, petanque courts and a street workout area.

For a gourmet break, local cafés and bakeries line the route, offering a delicious gastronomic experience:

  1. La Boulangerie des Roses (Fontenay-aux-Roses) : This traditional bakery is renowned for its crisp baguettes, fluffy croissants and artisanal pastries. Enjoy fresh coffee and pastries in a warm atmosphere.
  2. Le Café des Coteaux (Near Antony) : Located on the edge of the Coulée Verte, this café offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills. Here you can enjoy coffee, tea or a delicious light meal in the tranquility of the park.
  3. Le Jardin Gourmand (Antony) : Nestled in a verdant setting close to the course, this café-restaurant serves refined French cuisine, featuring local, seasonal produce. An ideal place for a lunch break.
  4. La Petite Pâtisserie (Fontenay-aux-Roses) : Those with a sweet tooth will be delighted by this establishment’s delicious home-made pastries. Tarts, éclairs and macaroons are on the menu to satisfy your taste buds.
  5. Le Café des Artistes (Antony) : This café with its bohemian charm is the ideal place for a coffee break. You can sip your favorite drink while admiring the local works of art on display on the walls.

Plan your cycling adventure

For a bike ride, rent one nearby and explore at your own pace:

  • Ouibike (Fontenay-aux-Roses) : Bike rental service available in Fontenay-aux-roses in just a few clicks. Book your bike in advance, and all you have to do is pick it up.
  • Vélo Station Fontenay-aux-Roses : This bike rental station, located near the Coulée Verte, offers a variety of bikes, including adult and children’s bikes. You can rent a bike for a day or a few hours.
  • The Maison du Vélo in Fontenay-aux-Roses : This association offers affordable bike rentals. They can provide you with city bikes, mountain bikes and even electric bikes to explore the Coulée Verte at your own pace.
  • Vélib’ : Paris has a self-service bicycle system called “Vélib’.” You can pick up a Vélib’ at the nearest Coulée Verte station in Fontenay-aux-Roses and return it to Antony at another station at the end of your ride.

In short, the Coulée Verte from Fontenay-aux-Roses to Antony reveals a captivating geography, where plateaus, hillsides and valley bottoms combine to create a linear park fashioned on the former route of the TGV Atlantique high-speed train between 1985 and 1996. This route offers a striking diversity, blending the urban aspect with the wild beauty of nature, forming a perfect continuity for pedestrians and cyclists. Along the way, you’ll discover architectural and natural treasures, allowing you to explore a dynamic landscape, combining homes and gardens, schools, birdsong and babbling brooks. An unforgettable experience in the heart of the Paris suburbs awaits you.

Practical information

  • Duration and length of route: 2h on foot and 45min by bike – approx. 10km
  • Departure: Fontenay-aux-Roses train station
  • Arrival: Antony train station
  • Walking and cycling routes

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